Brakes - Brake Conversion Kits - Serious Street Plus disc brake system

  • (SKU: BBS-4261234) 65-69 Drum Spindle

    65-69 Drum Spindle

    Serious Street Plus brake system with aluminum integral hubs and hoses and Shelby logo calipers. Serious Street Plus – Perfect for stock appearing, Resto-Mod applications where an increase in braking performance is desired while maintaining stock sized wheels. Twin piston calipers and 11” slotted, drilled and zinc washed rotors, have great looks and performance to match! System includes everything necessary to bolt on to factory spindles. All kits are non-stock, special order only.

    Pris: 33228,- kr

  • (SKU: BBS-4262070) 67-73 Rear Brakes

    67-73 Rear Brakes

    Pris: 2246,- kr

  • (SKU: BBS-4261144) 68-69 Disc Spindle

    68-69 Disc Spindle

    Pris: 30888,- kr

  • (SKU: BBS-4261233) 70-73 Drum Spindle

    70-73 Drum Spindle

    Pris: 33228,- kr

  • (SKU: BBS-4261138§) 71-73 Disc Spindle

    71-73 Disc Spindle

    Pris: 30888,- kr


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